About Us

Creach Greenhouse has been in existence as a local Spokane Valley Greenhouse and agricultural business since 1965. The twenty plus acre growing facility is located off of Fourth Avenue between Evergreen and Adams and has also operated a retail garden center at this location since 1972. The greenhouse has grown over the years and has become a local Spokane Valley based landmark experience biannually, first in the spring when people are shopping for yard and landscape color around Mothers Day and again in November when the greenhouses are opened up for an Annual Poinsettia Tour. Local Spokane Valley patrons and plant lovers throughout the Northwest can also purchase Creach Greenhouse products in a number of other retail store locations throughout the year. Nowhere else in Eastern Washington can you find the service, selection and quality that make up the unique Plant Farm experience, thousands of Spokane region customers patronize the Plant Farm during their peak seasons while tens of thousands more purchase these same products in retail garden centers in the surrounding towns and cities throughout Washington, Idaho and Montana.


Creach Greenhouse / The Plant Farm businesses annually employ in excess of seventy people. Many of these employees enjoy permanent employment there as a career. Over the years, the Creach family, led by 76 year old Imogene Creach has quietly gone about their business, providing an annual living for countless employees, and supplying a quality product and memorable growing experience to thousands of valley citizens. This family owned business is typical of the multitudes of small businesses that make up the backbone of the American economy and has grown from humble beginning, utilizing many of its own family members who share in the work responsibilities. The Creach family is very involved within their local community, and it is not uncommon for first time customers to realize they have previously met a Creach family member elsewhere in the community prior to their becoming a loyal supporter of this local grower.


Within its seven acres of covered growing space, the Creach family, identified by its distinctive logo “ Family Owned and Locally Grown” produces over 50,000 hanging baskets annually, most to area consumers, with an increasingly large number each year going to several of the municipalities and private residence as well as numerous hospitality and tourism related business’ in the surrounding area. The specific focus is to provide plant material that will continue to perform and create brilliant color displays all season long. Other large crops include multiple offerings of geraniums, petunias, perennials vegetables and numerous varieties and presentations of pack flats. Creach Greenhouse produces a large percentage of its annual production as a variety of different sizes of Wave Petunias. The Inland Empire with its cool nights and long days is an environmentally perfect place to grow Wave Petunias. This is such a large part if the annual production at Creach Greenhouse, that they have designed and built their own custom trans-planter to quickly transplant the thousands of flats of Wave Petunias that are grown and sold there each year. During the summer and winter months, Creach Greenhouse brings to market a line up of seasonal crops such as Hardy Garden Mums and Poinsettias, while supplying a year round demand for decorative foliage and other pot plants.